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The Kansas CDDO Coalition


CDDO is the acronym for Community Developmental Disability Organization.
CDDOs are the single point of entry for an individual or family to obtain services through the developmental disabilities system in the State of Kansas.



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Disability Planning Organization of Kansas Nemaha County Training Center, Inc.

Sumner County CDDO

Map of Kansas county CDDO's

Kansas CDDO List



Reno County CDDO


Twin Valley Developmental Services, Inc.

Brown County Developmental Services


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CDDOs are responsible for determining whether a person qualifies for services, working with the person and/or their family or guardian in choosing from an array of service options, and referring those persons to other agencies if additional supports are needed. Kansas currently has 27 CDDOs, each of which are assigned a particular county or counties in which they are the primary provider of “gatekeeping” services.

The Kansas CDDO Coalition is a partnership of Community Developmental Disability Organizations (CDDOs), working together as the Kansas CDDO Coalition. The five Coalition members include Twin Valley Developmental Services, Reno County CDDO, Nemaha County Training Center, Sumner County CDDO, as the Sumner County CDDO and Disability Planning Organization of Kansas.

Originally organized in 1996, after the passage of the DD Reform Act, the coalition has provided a partnership of working together to do better CDDO systems planning and effectiveness while retaining the local control and unique character of each member organization. The Coalition is committed to demonstrating that CDDOs of varying size and scope can work collaboratively on many functions including, but not limited to, quality assurance, process planning, and capacity development.

The Coalition provides each member CDDO with more ability to respond to changing local needs with “best practice”, a way to more efficient operations for CDDOs and service providers, and a means to impact political and administrative statewide decisions affecting the people we serve. The Coalition members are unified in commitments to consumer independence, choice and quality of life.

Vision Statement for the Kansas CDDO Coalition

Member CDDO’s will be able to stay on the leading edge of implementation of “best practices”, share staff resources manage/reduce costs of operations for CDDO’s and service providers, impact political/administrative statewide decisions, and allow consumers to maintain/increase their independence and quality of life.

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