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Welcome to the Sumner County CDDO Policy Manual Online. Policies are available in Adobe Acrobat format (Click here to download the free Adobe Acrobat Reader). Select the policy you would like to review and it will open in a separate browser for your convenience.

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CDDO Policies :

C6001.POL Council of Community Members

C6002.POL Dispute Resolution

C6003.POL Written Procedures

C6004.POL Single Point of Application & Referral

C6005.POL Service Access List

C6006.POL Gatekeeping

C6007.POL Quality Assurance

C6008.POL Quality Enhancement

C6009.POL Uniform Access to Services

C6010.POL Continuity and Portability

C6011.POL Financial Management

C6013.POL CDDO Implementation Responsibilities

Public Forms :

After you have reviewed our policies, please take a moment to complete the CDDO Policy Public Comment form by clicking the link below. Even if you have no comments please complete the form to assist us in knowing how many people have reviewed our policies.

CDDO Policy Public Comment Form



Updated 11-06-18

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