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Targeted Case Management (TCM)
• Do you get to choose the individual TCM or does the agency assign someone?
• What specific kinds of training does the TCM receive?
• How does the TCM stay informed of all the options available in the community?
• How will the TCM keep up with the changes in the “system” and keep you informed of them (i.e. funding, services, etc.)?
• How is this service paid for?
• How often will the TCM have contact with you?
• What are the TCM’s responsibilities?
• What happens if the TCM leaves the agency?
• How will you notify me of meeting dates, changes, etc.?
• What are my options for reaching someone or leaving a message after office hours?

• What qualifications does the agency require a staff persons to have in order to drive with people receiving services?
• What means, if any, of transportation are available and are you responsible for paying for it?
• How does the agency maintain its vehicles?

Payroll Services
• Is payroll always paid on time?
• Does the payroll agency pay the taxes, FICA, Workers’ Comp insurance, unemployment insurance, etc.?
• Does the payroll agency provide training on self-directing - selecting, performing background checks, interviewing, hiring & scheduling Personal Assistants?

A Guide for Choosing a Service Provider

Making your expectations clear and finding out if the service provider can meet them is essential. The following are some basic questions to ask when choosing an agency:

At the House/Apartment
• Who is responsible for maintenance (i.e. carpet cleaning, hole in the roof, toilet not working, etc)?
• How will roommates be chosen?
• What happens if the roommates don’t want to live together anymore?
• What are you responsible for providing (i.e. bed, phone, dishes, linens, couch, etc.)?

• What is the agency’s policy regarding the management of behaviors and the use of psychotropic medications?
• What does the Behavior Management Committee do?
• Who is on the agency’s Behavior Management Committee?

• Tell them how and under what circumstances you want to be notified.
• Who do you notify if you have a question or concern?
• How will the agency notify you of medication changes?
• How will the agency notify you of any lifestyle changes?
• How will the agency notify you of any suspected abuse, neglect, or exploitation?

• What are you responsible to pay for (i.e. room and board, activities, medications, depends, etc.)?
• What things will be paid for by other sources?
• How will the bills be paid and who will pay for them?
• How will personal money and receipts for expenditures be managed?
• Who will pay for the groceries (i.e. vision card, split among roommates, staff portion, etc.)?
• If money or property is mismanaged, how will the agency reimburse you?

In Case of an Emergency
• What is the agency’s plan for supporting people in emergency situations (i.e. tornado, fire, power outage, etc.)?

• How are medical issues, including medications, managed?
• Who schedules doctor appointments?
• Does provider have access to the proper adaptive equipment needed (i.e. a lift or accessible van with lift)?

Quality Assurance
• How does the agency determine the quality of the services provided?
• What is the agency’s policy on situations of suspected abuse, neglect, or exploitation?
• Ask to see a copy of the agency’s most recent licensing report.

• How will the agency accommodate involvement in the community and how often?
• Who pays for the activities?

• What initial training does the staff receive prior to working with people?
• What ongoing training does staff receive and how often?
• How does the agency determine the amount of staffing needed for a person?
• What is the agency’s policy if more staffing is needed, due to a change in the person’s life?
• How much does the agency pay its direct care staff?

Work Opportunities
• Will you be able to explore different job options to see what you might like?
• Does the agency give you work where you earn money while you learn work skills?
• Will the work available be challenging and rewarding?
• How much support/training is available for getting and keeping a job?
• If in a workshop, does the work area have proper equipment for work and training?
• How and when will you be paid?
• Ask about transportation arrangement if necessary.
• What hours will you work?

Kansas CDDO Coalition • 145f • January 2005

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