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Developmental Disabilities Reform Act Rights

The Kansas Developmental Disabilities Reform Act guarantees you certain rights once you have been determined eligible for developmental disability services. These rights will be reviewed with you each year to ensure you are aware of and understand them.

YOUR Rights Under The DD Reform Act:

The right to have assistance in accessing the community services of your choice, including the availability of assistance from the CDDO for you or any entity who wants to become a service provider;

The right to select case management services from your CDDO or any licensed affiliate;

The right to receive services without discrimination as to the severity of the your disability, unless the Secretary of SRS determines you are inappropriate for community services because you currently constitutes a clear and present danger to yourself or to the community;

The right to have services provided in a manner which is responsive to your person-centered support plan, offers opportunities of choice to you, and ensures that all of your rights, including those enumerated in KAR 30-63-22, are observed and protected;

The right to have services for which you are eligible continue as long as state or federal funding support continues, and to transfer the level of state and federal financial support if you move from one service area to another;

The right to receive services for which you need, for which you are eligible, and for which you have applied, from a community service provider able to provide the service, within 60 days after funding is secured, or to be reported to the Secretary of SRS as waiting for that service when funding is unavailable;

The right to access the CDDO’s dispute resolution process, including internal and external appeal avenues, to resolve any dispute with the CDDO, any affiliate, or any other component of the community service system;

The right to have information regarding the CDDO’s local Council of Community Members;

The right to have information regarding the CDDO’s local quality assurance practices and Quality Assurance Committee

The right to have information regarding the availability of a consumer self-advocacy group.

If you need this information in a different format, please contact the Kansas CDDO Coalition member closest to you.

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